Thursday, September 23, 2010

My site ranks first in Google

This is my attempt in getting this blog ranked for the keyword 'My site ranks first in Google' and I look forward to win this on 1st October 2010. Following are the rules of this contest...

  • The keyword that needs to rank in Google is - My site ranks first in Google
  • Use only Only blogspot url’s created on or after 13th September 2010 are eligible for the contest
  • Only one url per person, and that URL should be submitted via email to A K before 14th September 2010 EOD
  • The contest ends at 1pm on 1st October 2010, and the results will be checked in as it displays in my machine
  • Winner will win a Grand prize. Only one 1st prize, no 2nd or 3rd prizes.
  • Participation in this contest should not affect your day to day schedule in C, and you are expected to use only your free time or work from home for this contest

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